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Fall '10 - Spring '11

On Feb 16th, 2011, C2PRISM hosted a Free Teacher Professional Development on the NJIT Campus.  The workshop was titled Using Probes, Sensors and Computer Learning Modules to Enhance Understanding of High School Mathematics and Science and was limited to only 40 teachers from all over New Jersey. It was well attended by teachers all over New Jersey with only a few no shows. The workshops were very interactive and teachers were limited to 10 per session to allow for more hands on interactive learning. The C2PRISM fellows conducted the workshops with topics in difference science and Math fields.

Dean Fadi Deek gave a welcome speech at breakfast to open up the ceremony and the project PI Dr. Bruce Bukiet gave an overview of the day activities prior to the workshop sessions. During the luncheon, CSLA department representatives as well as Mr. Carlos Ontaneda from EOP spoke to the teachers on the different career opportunities available to their students in the Math, Humanities and Science fields. Mr. Ontaneda spoke about financial opportunities available to students to help with the cost of attendance. Also in attendance was a Roche representative who was very pleased with what she observed. Roche is one of the sponsors of the event.

Each teacher received a package which included amongst other things an Algodoo license so that they could download the software and practice on their own some of the things they had learnt at the workshops.  Teachers in attendance also received a certificate of participation and earned 3 professional development hours for attending three sessions.

The teachers were also encouraged to utilize the Tech Envoy Program offered by C2PRISM. Teachers were also given surveys and applications for those interested in partnering up with the C2PRISM program for the upcoming school year.

A lot of great feedback concerning the workshop has been received as well as various requests for tech envoy presentations and even partnership requests by a school. The event was very successful and we look forward to hosting the next one in 2012.

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Fall '09- Spring '10

For the academic year 2009-2010, the Fellows co-developed with their partner teachers and, most importantly, will develop with the collaboration of the students, applets that will focus on key issues within the STEM disciplines where students historically have had the greatest learning difficulties.  To prepare the Fellows for co-development, they were introduced and trained to a new conceptual learning model, emphasizing participatory design and observational techniques.  The co-development work has also been integrated into an undergraduate course here at NJIT.  Undergraduate programmers prepare applet code according to the requirements of their Fellow customers, who in turn are testing the effectiveness of the evolving applets with their partner teacher and student collaborators.

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Spring '09 - Summer '09

The project recruited eight new teachers and seven new Fellows for the next academic year (2009-2010).  This academic year the C2PRISM project extended its reach to two additional Newark High Schools , East Side High School and West Side High School, thus bringing to seven Newark schools overall where the C2PRISM project has participated.

In March , 2009, the project sent two teachers, two Fellows and three staff personnel to the GK-12 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.  Dr. Rob Friedman, C2PRISM PI made a presentation during one of the meeting’s Special Session entitled, “Support for Teachers”.  The Special Session consisted of a joint presentation by NJIT and by University of South Florida.  NJIT presented a retrospective on the highly successful Teacher’s Development Workshop performed in May 2008 emphasizing key lessons learned in the organization execution of the Workshop.  One of the attending Fellows, Kamyar Malakuti, received his PhD in mathematical sciences later that year in May 2009.  Congratulations to Kamyar.

On May 11, 2009, the project hosted “Career Day” onsite on the NJIT Campus.  Career Day hosted about 200 high school students from the Newark high schools where the C2PRISM project is working and provided them with innovative science instruction using applets and special power-point presentations developed by the Fellows.  Inspirational lectures on the benefits of a STEM career and testimonials from our Fellows relating to their reasons for pursuing scientific careers were presented.  Attending teachers received flash drives containing a number of applets and instructional products that the Fellows had developed over the years.

In May 2009, NJIT received a grant from the Hyde and Watson Foundation, which funded the purchase of laptop computers for each of the Fellows and also funded the development of “Fellows Tool-boxes”, a stock of measurement and hands-on equipment (for example programmable calculators and sensors)  that is available for use by each Fellow.  Thus, a centralized inventory of monitoring and measurement equipment can be made accessible to multiple classes by the Fellows.  In this way equipment that might not be available in financially strapped high schools here in Newark can be accessed.  The Fellows were trained on the use of the equipment and were encouraged to incorporate its use into lessons prepared during the training.

Summer of 2009 saw the return of the Summer Training and Orientation Workshop this year, with a new, innovative focus.

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Fall '08 - Winter '09

For the 2008-2009 academic year, the project worked in five high schools in Newark: Central HS, Science Park HS, Barringer HS, Saint Vincent Academy(SVA)and Newark Collegiate Academy (NCA).  This represented an expansion of the project to a Charter School, NCA.  Again, just as in 2007 the project held a summer training program for the Fellows and for the incoming C2PRISM teachers.  The 2008 Summer Training program emphasized added teacher/Fellow collaboration and significant effort was placed on developing means for infusing the Fellows research into lesson development, planning and execution.

As the academic year commenced in September 2008, the C2PRISM played host to Dr Sonia Ortega, NSF, GK-12  Program Director, and a distinguished group of new staff members and Einstein Fellows who accompanied her.  The team visited four of the participating high schools and witnessed our Fellows and teacher partners presenting lessons including elements of the Fellows’ research.  The C2PRISM project received kudos from the visitors who expressed satisfaction with the effectiveness and organization of the project.

The Fall and Winter of Academic year 2008-2009 saw the submittal of the project’s second Annual project report in November 2008 and its approval in February 2009.  The project also sent its Project Manager to a “Teach Engineering” seminar offered by NSF at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, in January 2009.  This forum introduced the attendees to an extensive database of lessons, curricula and other cyber-resources emphasizing the engineering disciplines which have been made available to the GK-12 community.

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Spring '08 - Summer '08

GK-12 Fellow Ms. Nilufa Rahim was chosen to present a research poster at the New Principal Investigator Meeting at National Science Foundation (NSF) headquarters, in Arlington , Virginia . After reviewing over 100 abstracts from universities around the country, the NSF committee chose 30 of 100 poster abstracts submitted to be presented at the NSF GK-12 Annual Meeting, February 29 to March 2, 2008, in Washington , D.C. Congratulations to Nilufa.

The C2PRISM team showcased our website at the 2008 annual NSFmeeting, as well. Only two GK-12 projects were asked to present their websites as good examples of being “carefully designed to support the projects and their goals.” Dr. Friedman presented the highlights of the website during a session on “Developing Effective GK-12 Websites”.

The C2PRISM team had its first publication accepted for presentation at the 2008 Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education Conference, to be held in Las Vegas , NV , March 3-7, 2008. Dr. Bruce Bukiet spoke about the project, displayed some of the work that the Fellows have completed, and discussed some of the challenges and successes experienced  to that point in the project.

On May 21, 2008 a Teacher’s Professional Development Workshop, a free day-long series of hands-on activities, demonstrations, workshops and discussions led by teachers, graduate students and staff engaged in National Science Foundation education programs from around the NY-NJ metro area was held.  Over 100 teachers and other education professionals attended the workshop which served as the climax to the C2PRISM activities of its first year.

Our second year started in June 2008 with our Fellows visiting the classrooms of their assigned teacher-partners and acquainting themselves with the operation of the school and the basics of the new classroom environment in which they would be working during the 2008 -2009 Academic year.  For this year the project included six veteran Fellows from the first year plus two new Fellows.

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Spring '07 - Winter '08

C2PRISM officially got underway on April 2, 2007, with an NJIT press release announcing receipt of the award.

On April 19, 2007, the project's Principal Investigators (PI’s) were part of president Altenkirch and vice president Bloom's press conference introducing three new NSF awards targeting NJIT partnerships with high schools in and around Newark.

During the spring of 2007, the PIs traveled to Washington, D.C. to participate in the NSF GK12 program's annual conference. Project participants were identified, and a series of workshops and meetings took place in advance of the summer training workshops which were held in August, 2007.

With our GK12-Fellows and their partner teachers identified, the summer of 2007 held two extensive workshops -- one online and one at NJIT.

Fellows participated in online discussion groups, giving their impressions of many articles and book chapters on teaching science and math. After six weeks in cyberspace, the Fellows got together for a week in August for team-building and teaching skills exercises. Fellows brought some of the fundamental concepts of their research into alignment with state standards and high school curricula supplied by the teachers.

Teachers gathered at NJIT for two weeks, gaining further understanding of the scope and goals of the grant, Fellows' research, and the assessment process. Much of the time was spent creating new outlines and lesson plans, as well as brainstorming for concepts that will be brought to virtual life through animations and simulations.

During the Fall of 2007 the Fellows and teachers implemented what they planned out during the summer.   The “Projects/Lesson Plans” page of the C2PRISM  website contains examples of their work.

The project’s annual report for 2007 received high praise from NSF with a request for only a few minor modifications. Funding for Year Two was received and we geared up for spring and summer activities: a NJ High School Math and Science Teacher conference; our summer workshop; and the selection of one Fellow to replace graduating Physicist Sean O'Malley. – Congratulations to Sean.

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